Unit IV Research Report 


Your emergency medical services (EMS) chief has tasked you  with researching   ways to provide the best information that can be shared with  the community. He   gave you the below list of items/events that will require  effective   communication in the near future:

  • press releases about special events,
  • notices about training classes,
  • evacuation notices for disaster situations,
  • announcements about social media for the agency  that the community can        follow,
  • promotion or retirement notices to the public  about agency       personnel,
  • notices about board meetings,
  • press releases about rescues or actions that  impacted saving someone’s        life, and
  • hiring notices.

For this assignment, you will select TWO of the above items,  research them,   and explain the best ways to communicate the pertinent  information to the   community.

You will present a report to your EMS chief that explains  the audience with   a minimum of three best practices per item for effective  communication. Feel   free to be creative and include examples.

Your completed report must be a minimum of two pages in  length, not counting   the title and references pages. You must use a minimum of three  outside   sources  to support your ideas.

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