Must know about Health Information Management

Our Discussion this week will focus on reviewing Domain 1: Data Content, Structure, and Standards, which corresponds to Course Objective 1

For this discussion choose at least 2 of the topics below to discuss.

  • Primary purpose of health record and primary users-
  • Secondary purposes of health record-
  • Some deficiencies that can be found in a health record
  • Data granularity,
  • Data completeness,
  • Data consistency,
  • Data comprehensiveness,
  • data currency,
  • data relevancy
  • Clinical Decision support systems- what is it? who uses it?
  • Integrated health records- what are they?
  • data vs information-
  • Data sets- what are they? what is the purpose? who is most closely involved in development (hint: government agency)-
  • UHDDS-
  • MDS-
  • OASIS-
  • ORYX
  • EMDS-
  • CIO- who is it? what are they responsible for?
  • EDMS
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • CPOE-
  • Access controls
  • client/server architecture
  • Executive information systems
  • X12N
  • Outguide folder
  • Unit numbering system-
  • NCQA- who are they? what do they do?
  • MPI
  • SOAP notes (name the parts and give an example of what each would include)
  • Terminal Digit Filing (provide a detailed example of the order)
  • primary reason for the continuity of care record
  • ICF coding
  • ICD-O-3
  • DSM-5
  • List the approaches used in PCS coding
  • XML
  • HL7
  • The act that mandated development of standards for EHR
  • ASTM
  • Unique patient identifier

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