Describe the features of the Affordable Care Act and explain how it will control costs and improve quality of care from the perspective of a cultural, economic, and ethnically diverse society. What are the limits of the Act? As an advanced practice nurse, what policy changes would you recommend to provide health coverage to those who remain uninsured? What effects does this act have on providers and consumers?

Need at least 200 words

APA format citations/references.

Use some of the references below, but may also use other references.

American Nurses Association. (2015). Health care reform. Retrieved from

Buerhaus, P. I., DesRoches, C., Applebaum, S., Hess, R. Norman, L. D., & Donelan, K. (2012). Are nurses ready for health care reform? A decade of survey research. Nursing Economic$, 30(6), 318–330.

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