Research an organization that promotes healthcare quality or healthcare consumer advocacy in USA

Conduct a search (online or library) to select an organization that promotes health care quality or supports the role of consumer/patient involvement in improving the quality of health care.

Use the information you find to answer the questions below. Please write complete sentences, using proper spelling and grammar. Be sure to provide appropriate APA citations for your references.


1. What is the purpose or mission of the organization?

2. Who are the stakeholders (interested parties) who are involved the organization?

3. What type of work is the organization involved in (e.g. conducting research for developing health care policy, educating the public on health care issues, develop quality measures)?

4. Describe the resources the organization offers, such as journals, research articles, promotional materials, or consulting services. Which of them appear to be geared toward quality improvement activities?

5. Does the organization recognize high achievement in quality improvement through awards, positive media attention, or some other type of recognition? How might that recognition benefit recipients?

6. Explain how the organization helps a health care provider meet external quality requirements.

The lesson for this week is about the forces from outside an organization that impacts how it operates. You have already considered some of these in previous assignments, such as accreditation standards and evidence-based medicine. For the Written Assignment you will research an external organization that promotes health care quality for consumers and patients. These include patient advocacy groups and organizations that provide support for specific conditions. The bullet points in the assignment instructions are the grading rubrics.

Assignment Help – The questions from the assignment should be based on an external organization that is a driver of quality, not hospitals or clinics. For examples of external organizations please check out the examples in your module 6 lesson content.

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