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Reflection Paper

This first reflection should be about observed safety and infection control measures: the nurse recapped needles correctly when giving Heparin I witnessed. Every room he was hands before and after pt even when we left the room he would hand sanitize. Wore gloves when appropriate. He passed medications correctly following the 6 patients’ rights. I followed an PCA (Patient Care Assistant) she followed great hand hygiene. Especially when handing urine specimens and cleaning fecal from a pt who had dementia and alzhmiers.

Steps taken for preservation of human dignity: when the nurse I was shadowing when to check on his pts he would make sure to have the peri area covered to show dignity to the pt. would close the door or bring the curtain around for privacy.

Expectations addressed in orientation related to safety, infection control and human dignity.

How does what you saw and learned compare with what you are learning in your other nursing courses?

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