Case Study [60 pts]

Complete the assignment by following the guidelines.

Write a double spaced, 4 paged (four full pages), typed, well constructed(complete sentences, proper grammar) report on 1 scenario (3 points).

Devote at least one paragraph to answering each of the 6 questions. (8 points each)

Include a reference section with at least 3 citations (in-text with quotations and references).Use resources such as microbiology text books, encyclopedias, HCC Library databases (e.g. Pro Quest Biology, Pro Quest Nursing) journals and online medical sites to research these questions.Indicate the source of information you found in APA format. If you need help with APA format, for help or select APA samples on the lower right hand corner for examples. You may also try other APA citation cite such as or other. Be sure to include the publication date. Citations within your paper also need to be APA format. (9 points)

All references must be cited, and direct quotes from the references must be indicated as such, using quotation marks. In the case of plagiarism, all students involved will receive a “0” on this assignment. Thereafter, plagiarism will be handled according to the College’s Academic Honesty Policy, with possible failure of the course and suspension from the College. III.

Pete was enjoying his junior year at Big State University until his room mate came down with a flulike upper respiratory infection. Sure enough, Pete started getting achey and feverish, and got pretty congested. He was not worried however, until he realized how stiff his neck was and that he had the worst headache he had ever felt. He noticed that he was developing a bright red rash, and some of the spots were turning blue-black. He went to the infirmary where they got very concerned and did a lumbar puncture to get a sample of Pete’s cerebrospinal fluid. Gram negative diplococci were observed in the fluid.

1. What is your diagnosis?

2. What microorganism causes this disease?

3. How is this disease transmitted?

4. How is the disease treated?

5. What symptoms might the patient develop if the disease is not treated?

6. What is Pete’s prognosis with treatment?

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