Movie Analysis

After viewing the movie write a three page report using the criteria listed below:

Did the characters accurately exhibit the mental health disorders categorized by the list?

Give specific examples to explain(20 points)

What societal /cultural attitudes are reflected about mental illness?(20 points)

How did you react to the characters? (15points)

Nursing Diagnosis

State 3 NANDA diagnosis and psychiatric nursing care you would provide to the main character (25 points)

How could the film be used to help patients, families, and mutidisciplinary staff understand mental illness/treatment? ( 15 pts)

1.Title page is correct numbering is accurate

3 page header is appropriate Total( 5 pts)

4 Citation of references in text is correct

Direct quotes


5.Reference list citations are included in text

6.Use professional vocabulary

7.Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization

Maintain economy of expression.

The movies are

1.Out of darkness

2.Rain Man

3.A beautiful mind

4.The note book

5.The karen carpenter story

Each movie should be 2 pages plus the reference page ,

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