Part 1

  • What are fossil fuels, and by what processes do we obtain energy from them?
  • Compare and contrast the benefits and impacts of using the different fossil fuels and nuclear power. What are some of the challenges of safely using these fuels while minimizing their adverse impact on the environment and on society?
  • What are the sources of bioenergy and in what ways is it used? What would be the impact of using it as our sole alternative, renewable energy source, especially as reliance on it increases due to depletion and costs of fossil fuels?
  • How is solar energy harnessed and how is it converted to electricity? Provide at least two different examples.

Part 2

  • What is the scale of the waste dilemma? Is this a serious problem that requires a solution? Why or why not? What are the major methods used for waste management and how effective is each of them?
  • Of the various waste management approaches, which ones are your community pursuing, and which are they not pursuing? Would you suggest that your community start pursuing any new approaches? If so, which ones, and why? If not, why?
  • What are the causes and consequences of urban sprawl? What are some of the ways cities are attempting to slow or prevent urban sprawl?
  • What are the major issues that must be addressed for urban sustainability and what does role urban ecology have in urban sustainability?

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