Discussion Topics, Chapter 30, Nursing Care of a Family With a Toddler

Discussion Topics

Learning Objective(s)

1. A mother comes to the pediatric clinic for a health maintenance visit for her children: an 18-month-old daughter, a 2 1/2-year-old daughter, and a 4-year-old son. The small family appears clean, but the clothes appear well worn. The mother appears nervous and apologizes about their appearance, explaining things have been tough since she lost her job and they were evicted from their apartment.

A. What are some immediate concerns the nurse should be aware of?

B. How can the nurse best help this family?

C. The mother is concerned her toddler is regressing because their situation changed. What patient-centered care can the nurse suggest to help this child?


2. A young couple has contacted the clinic because they are concerned about their toddler. He doesn’t seem to be sleeping well and is refusing to eat everything except for a few things. After talking with the parents, the nurse determines they work a variety of shifts at a local store.

A. What potential problems should the nurse look for?

B. How should the nurse respond?

C. What nursing diagnoses would be appropriate in this situation?

1, 4

3. A mother has come to the clinic with her 18-month-old daughter. Her answers to the nurse’s questions indicate the child is meeting her milestones. The mother mentions that her daughter is driving her crazy and she feels so exhausted at the end of the day after trying to keep up with her.

A. How might the nurse respond?

B. What nursing care would be appropriate in this situation?

C. What are some expected outcomes?

3, 8

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