Come back from Car Accident

Come back from Car Accident

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32645358851265450000We have so many tragedies and misfortunes happening in our lives, some of which are life changing. I can recall clearly how my friends’ life, Frank, has changed after he had a car accident on his trip to Chicago. His explanation is still clear and the marks visible. This essays discuss the comeback from Frank’s accident, how the accident happened, kind of surgery, healing period and how friends stood by him all the way long. It explains the impacts of the accident in his personal life and relations with others.

Accident and kind of surgery

It was a standout amongst the most alarming days of his life, the day of Frank’s car accident. In his explanation Frank details, the events that followed in that chilly Monday morning on his trip to Chicago. The tragedy started when an approaching track swayed from one side of the road to the other. The various attempts to escape by Frank was in vain. The track had hit Frank’s car causing an accident. What frank can recall is that he was found between frosty soil and the hot metal of the car breaking his left leg and dislocated his jaw bone. The police found him unconscious and rushed him to the hospital. He underwent knee-surgery and jaw-born relocation. Frank was lucky that he had other minor bruises in other parts of the body, but they got treated very fast.

Healing period that he had to walk again

According to Frank, it was not clear to him how he became unconscious and rushed to hospital. The family members how heard what happened had ran to the hospital. Other friends and relatives also ran to the Hospital. The Doctor at the Hospital worked round the clock to help Frank recover very fast. The support of the family members and friends was also of great importance. Frank was hospitalized for a period of three weeks after which he was discharged.

Friend take him out of Hospital and encourage him to walk

Friend and family members have been close to Frank all the way long. The day he was discharged, he got escorted back to his house by friends and family members. The family and friends have tried encourage him to walk again and they were next to him every step in his life. The support, encouragements, being there for him have calmed him and strengthened him. After another two weeks, Frank has started walking and moving on with his daily life. Though the marks of the stitches in his knee is still a reminder of that fateful Monday, Frank has recovered fully.


I now acknowledge how valuable life truly is, and that it can be taken away in a flash or in a moment. I now comprehend why my father cautioned me to abstain from driving on specific streets to avoid bringing down the danger of having an accident. One little accident can bring about a change in one’s entire life. Frank will always remember that minute when he was lying on the ground and the events in Hospital. This has been a learning curve for both Frank family members and friends.

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